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Remote Control Helicopter and Radio Controlled Heli products at Low Prices with No Sales Tax

Hot RC Combo Deals | RC Combo Discount | RC Heli Sales | No Sales Tax | Why pay more for the middleman on your RC needs!?

We are a group of RC hobby maniacs who enjoy our RC toys.  Just like everyone else, we surf online for the best deal. Early 2011, a couple of us decided to go straight to the manufacturers to get better deals.  As a few of us have good connections and our group is pretty big in size, we managed to meet the factory’s minimum order requirement and get the best deal in town.  Ever since, we start purchasing all our RC products in group orders.  Now we decided to build our own website, trying to gather more RC fans to order their RC products together, so we can ask for even much better deals, and that more people can enjoy the special offers. 

As you surf on our website, you will find most of our prices are a lot cheaper than other online stores and some products are even priced at our cost.  We can offer the lowest price to our loyal hobbyist because we are not here to make a profit, instead, we are aiming to gather more RC hobbyist to get the best deal out from group orders.

While you shop with us, not only that you are paying for less, but you are helping each and every one of us to ask for a better deal with our suppliers next time!  Also, you will earn Loyalty Points on every dollar you spend, which is equivalent to an additional 1% off of your purchase price.  So start buying your RC needs with us and enjoy the benefit from it with NO SALES TAX.

By the way, be sure to register with us before you go, as we will start sending out updates and latest discount offer to our register members.  And we are planning to give out discount coupon code to our register members, too.

** Please note that because some products have their MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) limitation, we can only package them together with other products for discount offer. If you find something you are interested in and would prefer a different combo combination. Email us and we are happy to create the customized combo for you.

** We learn from our loyal customers that this website is best with either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser, and as per our IT technical expert, using IE8 may not give you the best experience with us.  They are working very hard on fixing it, but it takes time.